Our son has come 180° in the two and a half years he has worked with Amy. Not only are his grades strong, but he has real skills now to acquire knowledge and is a very confident young man.

Kathi, Eastern University Parent

Our son has learning disabilities, and entered college without a strong background in organizational skills. Amy Faust had to start at the beginning and help him learn how to become organized and follow through with assignments. She also taught him how to find needed material on his own in a way that was manageable and not overwhelming. Amy was also able to guide him in preparing for class discussions. Amy is an exceptional coach who goes beyond classroom work. She takes into account the student's needs and abilities and caters to him. She is a parent's dream come true!

Bill, Eastern University Parent

Amy has helped me to revise drafts of papers that I've completed as well as helping me to revise other assignments that I have completed. She is a great resource and definitely worth working with. 

Louis, Eastern University Student